Queensland naturalist trip - dragonflies

March 26, 2015 — August 26, 2016

I left France to Australia, where I spent almost 2 years travelling through Queensland and looking for wildlife. My first passion goes to snakes and birds, but the Australia's wildlife is so amazing that I quickly started to study and photograph every animal I saw, from frogs to mammals, spiders, insects...

Here are all the dragonflies and damselflies recorded in Queensland during my field trip and for each species one or several photos I took.

I am new in dragonflies and I am not quite sure about the identification of some species so you are more than welcome to correct my notes :)

All the pictures are from me.

 Rainforest in Kuranda

Herping and birding in the rainforest and sometimes watching a dragonfly ;)

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 Granite Gorge

Granite Gorge, north-east Queensland, Australia.

Rivers, rocks and boulders, perfect spot for dragonflies.

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 Dimbulah, river and farm

Dimbulah, north-east Queensland, Australia. From november 2015 to march 2016, the wet season there.

When I'm not picking and packing at he organic farm, I'm watching the dragonflies... ;) At night near the river, many are sleeping in the bushes, easy to admire :) The temporary water holes on the farm are an other good spot to see them.

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 Mareeba Wetlands

Mareeba Wetlands, Atherton Tablelands area, tropical north-east Queensland, Australia.

Just before the big rains of the wet season. Laggons, rivers, grass lands.

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Mareeba lakes, Atherton Tablelands area, tropical north-east Queensland, Australia.

Walking around the lakes of Mareeba, so many dragonflies and damselflies !

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Bushwalking in Mossman Gorges, rainforest and creeks. Good spot for wildlife.

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 Tinaroo Lakes

Tinaroo Lakes, Atherton Tablelands area, tropical north-east Queensland, Australia.

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 Lake Mitchell

Atherton Tablelands area, tropical north-east Queensland, Australia.

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 Eubenangee Swamp

Eubenangee Swamp, north-east Queensland, Australia.

Rainforest surrounding the swamp. Many dragonflies around the grassy edges of the swamp.

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 Innisfail  Rollingstone  Ingham

Walks around the lagoons of Tyto Wetlands, wonderful spot for birds and insects.

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 Mount Coot Tha Forest

A few kilometers from Brisbane, south-east Queensland, Australia.

Walking in the forest, winter time, hills and streams.

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Helen L. on November 26, 2016 about Queensland naturalist trip - dragonflies

Great to have another dragonfly photo collector in the group Welcome Helen Meldaledragonfly

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