Central Victoria - what is it?

January 13, 2017

Can anyone identify this? I tried following the key in the CSIRO book and on the website but it doesn't look like what the key suggested. 

CSIRO book seems to lead to crocothemis nigrifrons, black-headed skimmer, but it doesn't have a black head!

Top suggestion of website is Blue skimmer, orthetrum caledonicum, but it doesn't look greatly like that either, nor any of the other suggestions.

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Caveat Vic



JC on January 26, 2017 about Central Victoria - what is it?

If you will forgive a comment from around the other side of the planet, I would be inclined to agree with Orthetrum caledonicum. This actually appears to be a female, judging by the anal appendages and absomen size, but it is taking on the pruinose blue colouration normally seen in the mature males. Pruinosity develops over the black markings first - here, it is tracig what is black in the immature isect

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